The need of parent education according to professional researchers

The most important period of life is not the age of university studies, but the first one, the period from birth to age six.
Maria Montessori

Recent research highlighted that children not ready for kindergarten can be half as likely to read well by third grade. Children not reading well by the third grade are, in turn, four times more likely to drop out of school.
Source American Promise Alliance

It is important that parents grow in their personal development. Curious parents make fertile soil in which a child grows, as does an expanding vocabulary.

The job as parent is not to make a particular kind of child. Instead, our job is to provide a protected space of love, safety, and stability in which children of many unpredictable kinds can flourish
Alison Gopnik

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Comments from Parents, Directors and Professional Child Development Researchers

What a Child Care Director who has used our Sponsor Program for many years has to say:

Growing Child is an incredible resource. I remember receiving Growing Child monthly newsletters beginning with the birth of my first child and continuing to subscribe until each child was five. Being a preschool teacher/director with a degree in child development, I remember being pleased at how accurate the developmental information was (and continues to be.)

Starting about 30 years ago, our school collected binders of all the monthly newsletters from 24 to 60 months and kept them at our school for our teachers to use to help them understand the developmental needs of the children they were teaching.

About 15 years ago we re-purchased an updated set and we continue to use this resource. Our school has always recommended Growing Child to our school parents.

And now through the Growing Child Sponsor program, our parents can receive free monthly e-mail newsletters linked to the age of their pre-school child as well as being able to sign up to receive newsletters tied to the ages of their other children. I believe that the information in Growing Child complements and adds to the developmental information our school passes on to parents.

I personally have ordered subscriptions as baby gifts at the births of my grandchildren and also for all my nieces and nephews who have been expecting. Our school is now so pleased to be able to offer this resource to our parents through the Growing Child Sponsor Program.

Our school also subscribes to Growing Together and have found this a wonderful resource for articles to add to our own weekly newsletter - we always include a link to the Growing Child website.

You can use my name and the name of our school. Fantastic job! I'm so grateful that a friend gave me a subscription when I was expecting my first child in 1975!

I hope you have plans in place to continue this valuable resource whenever you both decide it is time to retire. 47 years! Quite an accomplishment.

Nancy Hodges
Applegate Nursery School

What parents say who receive Growing Child publications:

These are great! I especially appreciate Growing Parent and Grandma Says too. Lots of good info. Your newsletter has also helped facilitate conversations between my spouse and I regarding our differing parenting styles... helpful and constructive for us both (for the whole family really!).
Thank you!
Sewickley PA

There have been so many wonderful benefits of receiving your newsletter since 2010.

It provides a moment each month to think of each child and focus on their needs and my responsibilities toward them. I like helping things grow - people, plants, animals, and organizations, so Growing Child is a perfect fit for me. It's become my favorite gift for parents of newborns. It keeps on giving for months and years. DH

A Hidden Gem: A useful advertising-free parenting newsletter. Growing Child is produced by a group that advocates detection of developmental delays, but it is actually one of the more reassuring publications you can receive. Instead of (Could something be wrong with your baby's teeth? Are you stunting your baby's growth?) It is careful to point out the wide range of development in children and highlight when there is truly cause for concern.
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Thank you, thank you for years of good advice –first for my children (who are now 35 and 37) and then for my first grandchild. It has been a joy to read every issue, and to give gift subscriptions to many first-time parents over the years. LT

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